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Removal of kal sarp dosha in astrology is possible through many remedial measures i.e. Pooja, Yantra etc. It is an disturbing combination. A person suffering from kalsarpa yoga is disturbed in almost all affairs of life.                

He makes progresses again and again, but after some time he is back at the place from where he had begun.

Kal means annihilation which means that whosoever comes before it i.e. the kaal, he is bound to be ruined,. The snake means biting the kal sarpa yoga in the kundali or the horoscope occults when all the grahas of the kundali come to be sandwiched between Rahu and Ketu, though it may be noted that the Rahu always traverse reverse before deciding to get your kala sarp yog dosh (defect) removed, you should send in your horoscope at this contra first in order to ascertain or make sure whether really suffer from the kala sarp 'dosh' or not.

If you too are afflicted with this horrible combination you may take adequate of proper remedial steps.

In order to save you from the adverse effects of the kal sarp yoga, the adhyatmik sadhana siddhi Kendra has evolved and constructed several kinds of yantras and lockets for the use of lakhs of people suffering from the kal sarp yoga to whom these devices the yantras lockets have been sent.

Pt. Pawan Kaushik has treated a lot of people suffering from kaal sarp yoga dosh. This dosh gets cancelled after proper remedies and makes the individual to achieve his goal by all means.